Privacy Statement
Geissler's supports the consumer's right to privacy and pledges not to sell, rent or relinquish personally identifiable information to third party vendors, suppliers or marketers. Geissler's does capture information from customer transactions and other information sources, including information provided to Geissler's through your use of this web site. This information is used by Geissler's, to improve customer service, maintain proper inventories, lower costs and create special merchandising and marketing programs for shoppers who desire to participate. Only authorized Geissler's associates have access to customer data and Geissler's maintains strict security procedures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information.strict security procedures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information.Geissler's may provide non-personally identifiable compilations of information to third parties. If you have subscribed to Geissler's electronic email and wish to unsubscribe, follow the simple instructions provided therein. If you receive other undesired electronic communication from Geissler's, forward the correspondence to our webmaster ( and we'll work to resolve the issue promptly.
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